My Pinterest Traffic Continues To Increase Over 1200%!

Pinterest statistics

In a previous post, I wrote about my success with Pinterest traffic only two short months after launching my blog site. After working on my Pinterest strategy for under one month, I was able to increase my traffic by over 1800%. Read all about it here.

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Pinterest Statistics

In my last post on pinterest traffic, the last stats provided was July 26, 2017 as shown here.

pinterest statistics

Here’s the following day where you see that in only one day my total number of viewers increased by almost 15,000!

pinterest statistics

In seeing my efforts producing these results, I worked even harder and was on Pinterest implementing all that I learned from Pinteresting Strategies! This increase in my efforts continued to increase my viewers by an insane amount! In just 3 days, my total viewers shot up to an additional 262,370 viewers!! I can hardly believe this myself, but you can see it in the numbers here.

pinterest statistics

When you notice something is working, you spend even more time on it! Right? And here you see that within 24 hours, I added an additional 427,986 viewers! Omg, what just happened?!?!

pinterest statistics

Again, here’s the next day which shows that the total number of viewers continued to increase!

pinterest statistics

After August 1, I started my 9-5 job and could not devote as much time as I previously did when I was able to work full-time on my blog. Therefore, you will notice my total viewers levelling off after August 1.

pinterest statistics

Although, I did not spend as much time on Pinterest in August (once I was not able to work full-time on my blog), I am still happy that I was able to maintain a steady increase. What makes it even more exciting is that in just 3 months I hit 1 Million viewers!! That still shocks me!

pinterest statistics

My Success Can Be Your Success

I have so much fun writing these posts and it’s because I want to share something that actually works! I’ve been where some of you are, reading the numerous posts/articles on how Pinterest works and how to increase Pinterest traffic and in turn, drive traffic to your blog. I’ve spent time reading and implementing things that didn’t work. And that’s why I get so excited writing these posts because I know this works and I want you to have success with it as well!

Starting a blog and hosting your site costs money! And as a new blogger I was hesitant on incurring any additional costs other than the basic necessities to get my blog site up and running. However, I wanted to monetize my site in order for me to recoup some of the costs of running the site. And everything I read about Pinterest only confused me since I only got bits and pieces. Therefore, I took the plunge (since it was only $27 and not $50 or $100) and purchased Pinteresting Strategies. I’m so glad I did and you can see it in my numbers above…it works! And this was the 2nd month after implementing what I learned from Pinteresting Strategies. (Read all about month one here.) I can wholeheartedly say that it was the best $27 investment for my blog! And I hope you have great success with it as well!

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