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What About A Paleo Diet?


I’ve talked about whole foods and plant based diets (check it out here and here.) But what about a paleo diet?

What is a Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet (aka caveman diet or stone age diet) includes eating like our ancestors. Which means anything that you could hunt, gather or grow. These include lean meats, fish, non-starchy vegetables (such as lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, spinach and brussel sprouts), seeds and nuts. Therefore, eating no processed foods and instead eating healthy amounts of fats, vitamins and nutrients with optimal amounts of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

paleo food plan

Benefits of a Paleo Diet

  1. Better Gut Health
    Fast foods and sugar-laden foods causes inflammation in the intestinal tract. Since cavemen did not have the luxury of fast foods and donuts, they did not have this problem.
  2. Reduce Inflammation
    Pasture raised animals and fish are high in omegas 3 and 6 which is anti-inflammatory.
  3. Weight Loss
    You will feel more satiety after a meal since you’r consuming more protein and fats. This will keep you full for longer.
  4. Increased Nutrient Absorption
    Eliminating processed carbs in a paleo diet and eating more veggies, healthy fats, fruits, nuts and seeds that are high in minerals and vitamins. Therefore, with better gut health there is increased nutrient absorption.
  5. Reduce Insulin Sensitivity
    As previously stated, a Paleo diet is rich in protein and healthy fats which keeps you satiated.The energy your body gets from a paleo meal is released slowly and evenly throughout the day. As a result, the blood sugar levels remain stable.

Paleo Diet Means No Modern Foods

No more fast foods, takeouts, or Uber eats delivery service. Also, no foods that come in a box or can should be avoided. That means no grains, legumes or dairy. Forget about anything that is processed. Oh, and by the way, forget about having that nice cold beer. However, a glass of wine is debatable.

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Paleo Food Plan

Like any new diet, a paleo diet requires planning and prepping. Making a paleo grocery list and planning your meals for the week will definitely take you on the right path! And, keeping on the plan will result in success!

Paleo Grocery List:

  • Produce

    Collard Greens
    Brussels Sprouts

  • Meats

    Grass-fed Beef
    Organic Chicken
    Wild Caught Seafood

  • Dairy

    Free Range Eggs

  • Fruits


  • Nuts and Seeds

    Sunflower Seeds
    Pumpkin Seeds
    Ground Flaxseed
    Almond Butter

  • Spices

    Garlic Powder

  • Cooking Oils

    Coconut Oil
    Olive Oil
    Avocado Oil

Paleo Meal Plan

Quick and Easy Paleo Breakfasts

Breakfast is often a skipped meal of the day because you are busy in the morning trying to get to work and get the kids off to school. It is also the time when people drive-thru fast food or grab a donut, which definitely doesnít fit in with your paleo lifestyle. Instead, try one of these quick and easy paleo breakfasts, many of which you can prepare ahead of time.

Light and Fit Paleo Lunches

Just because you are on the paleo diet, doesn’t mean you have to have heavy and fattening lunches. If you are trying to lose weight on paleo, you might occasionally want a lighter lunch.

The paleo diet might consist a lot of meat, seafood, and veggies, but that doesn’t mean your meals have to get boring. There are a lot of salads that can be light and healthy, while still being in the paleo diet. Lunches are great because you can have them for lunch or dinner, bring them to work, or even eat them on the road if you have the right food container.

These are all in your freebie!

Filling Paleo Dinner Ideas

If you are getting stuck on what to prepare for dinner for your family, you’ll also get these meal ideas in your freebie. They provide some delicious ways to have family favorites that still fit within your paleo lifestyle.

Following the paleo diet is not a convenience, so you won’t be able to easily find something at a local convenience store or fast food restaurant. While you will be cooking more meals at home, which is definitely healthier for your family, it also takes more time. You’ll find recipes for your slow cooker so that dinner is nearly done by the time you return home in the afternoon.

Paleo-Friendly Dessert Ideas

It might seem like paleo is very limiting in the beginning, but you can have a lot of delicious foods, snacks, and even desserts on this diet. Examples of paleo-friendly desserts are also available to you.

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Delicious Paleo Meals

The basic recipe formula for delicious paleo meals is:
  1. Green Veggies + Coconut Oil + Garlic
  2. Lean Meat or Seafood + Butter + Herb of Choice
  3. Root Vegetable (ie. Potato, sweet potato)
  4. Fruits

For additional recipe ideas, check out Paleo Recipe Team.  Or get a free NYT bestselling Paleo For Beginners Guide Book.

Remember, healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living! Cheers to good health!

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