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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the modern world of monthly meat subscription services! Yes, that’s right, now you can have good local, free run, hormone and antibiotics free meats delivered right to your doorsteps! No more lugging heavy grocery bags of meats from the store to your home. Get them delivered to you! Oh, and by the way, delivery is absolutely free.

Monthly Delivery Box

I was so excited to have stumbled upon truLocal’s online ad on their home delivery meat subscription service. In my current life, where I’m working full-time while blogging on the side and trying to keep up with my fitness goals, this type of service was something I was definitely interested in. For me, I don’t enjoy grocery shopping, especially for meat or fish.

If you’re a regular on my blog, you know that clean eating is a very important part of my lifestyle. And I normally look for organic veggies, produce and meats. I’ve even dabbled into a plant based diet which stemmed from some skin issues that became pretty severe. I’m also very much  into powerlifting and anyone that’s into strength training knows that protein is quite important. (A post will be coming in the near future on why (after 4 months) I decided to not continue on a plant based diet.)

truLocal Monthly Subscription Plan

After some research into truLocal, I enrolled in their monthly subscription program for their regular box which gives you up to 40 individual portions. I was good for a month! I placed my order at night and it was delivered on the 2nd day after my order was placed. If you place your order Mon-Wed before 5pm, your box will be delivered to you the very next day! I received the box in great condition; the meats were in a “freezer box” and were rock solid frozen still. They delivered it with dry ice in the box, so you must be careful when disposing of the dry ice.

I customized my order, and what this means is that for a regular sized box, I was given 20 points. With these points, I can choose meats or fish which have their own points. For example, 2 chicken breasts is 1 point and a striploin steak is 3 points. I chose whatever I wanted until I reached 20 points. There are a variety of meats and fishes such as steaks, wild caught salmon and cod, chicken, bacon as well as turkey bacon, pork, sausages, burgers, lamb, even buffalo bones and organic chicken bones for making broth. Hence, everything you’d go to your local butcher for!

Delivery Frequency

Since it’s a subscription service, you can choose the frequency of your delivery (ie. every 2, 3, 4, or 6 weeks). You can also change your next box at any time (prior to delivery) and you can cancel at anytime. Therefore, there is no obligation to be in the program for a certain time and there are no signup fees! I mean, how can you go wrong with this?? And that’s the reason why I tried them out…and ultimately will be continuing with them.

Here is my delivery:

monthly delivery box

And my stocked freezer! 🙂

monthly delivery box

If you’d like to give them a try and receive 2 FREE striploin steaks or 4 wild caught alaskan salmon filets with your first box, click here or use the following invite code RHCQ5W71XB4Ymonthly delivery box

Walking home from my local grocery store with my veggies for the week, put a smile on my face as I was thinking that I don’t have to pickup any meats and lug it back home. What a relief!

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