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How To Stay Focused On Health and Fitness While On Vacation

how to stay healthy

You may be thinking that you’re on vacation so why would you even bother about having your focus on health and fitness, right? Well, in order to be successful in keeping a healthy and fit life, it’s all about having the right lifestyle. That starts with having the right mindset.

How To Stay Healthy While On Vacation

Here are my top 10 tips while travelling:

1. Enjoy All The Foods But In Moderation

We can definitely “be on vacation” meaning that we can indulge on our fave foods. Heck, you can even have all the desserts. BUT instead of having one serving all to yourself, maybe you can share or split it with someone else. It’s all about moderation and not deprivation.

2. Put On Your Sneakers and Walk

The best way to see all the sites and to get a feel for an area is to walk it. You will definitely get the best view by walking. When on vacation, I probably get in at least 20,000 steps a day.

3. Plan For One Meal In

If you’re staying in a hotel, find the nearest grocery store and pickup some instant oatmeal so that you can have breakfast at the hotel. Also, to ensure you’re having enough protein, you could also pickup some protein powder and add a scoop into your oatmeal. If you tend to not have much for breakfast, a protein shake would be perfect.

4. Snacks

Keep some healthy snack bars in your purse or in your hotel room. This will ensure that you’re eating every few hours and not skipping meals. You can pickup fruits or snack bars at the local grocery store.

5. 1:1 Rule

If you have a “cheat meal” for dinner, try to have a relatively healthy meal for lunch. Keep the 1:1 rule in mind and you’re more likely to stay on track on your journey to a healthy lifestyle once back from vacation.

6. Sleep

Try to get a good night’s sleep. Recharging your body will help recharge your mind. Having a healthy mind will make things easier to keep on a healthy lifestyle while traveling. With a lack of sleep, we tend to reach for caffeinated drinks which increases cortisol levels in your body and, in turn, creates stress. So get some restful Zzz’s.

7. Stay Hydrated

Sometimes thirst is mistaken for cravings. Hydrate your body by picking up bottles of water and keeping them in your hotel room. You could also fill up a water bottle and have it with you at all times to ensure you’re getting enough fluids throughout the day.

8. Control Alcohol Intake

Be mindful of the frozen alcoholic drinks or cocktails you’re consuming. There’s enjoying a nice drink and there’s just stupidly downing them. Also, maybe have 2 glasses of wine instead of 2 flowered umbrella drinks that are loaded with sugar.

9. Utilize the Hotel Gym

If you’re feeling active, lift some weights in the hotel gym. This is something I rarely do since being on holidays for me means relaxing and not focusing on workouts. However, there are many that need to get in a lift session regularly. Or if you’re just feeling energized and have no plans to site see for a few hours, then consider hitting up the hotel gym.

10. Balance

Whether you’re on vacation or at home, it’s all about having a good balance. This makes for a healthy lifestyle. You can have your cheat meals, but also ensure you’re having some healthy micronutrient dense foods. Also, ensure you’re staying active if you’re not working out. I rarely workout while on vacation, but I’ll be sure to do a lot of walking.

A vacation is a time to unwind, relax and enjoy ourselves. This is something that can be done. But everything in moderation will keep us on the right track to a healthy and fit lifestyle.




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