Glute Exercises – Best Exercises to Grow the Glutes

glute exercises

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glute exercises

Glute Exercises

THE best glute exercise or simply known as the butt is the squat!! And “ass to grass” is the most effective. The lower you go the more your muscles have to work in order to get out of the hole. This requires strength and mobility in your glutes, legs, hips, back and core. However, in order to prevent injury, proper form must be maintained.

2 Recommended Variations of the Squat:

Body Weight Squat

Great for beginners or as a warmup exercise.

One of my recommended sites for step-by-step instructions on a specific exercise is Click here for instructions on body weight squat.

Barbell Back Squat

One of the main powerlifting lifts and slowly, but surely, become one of my faves. Click here for instructions on the barbell back squat.

Hip Thrusts

Another great exercise that specifically targets the glutes is hip thrusts. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Butt Lift

This is an alternative to hip thrusts that’s more for beginners or as a warmup exercise for the more intermediate fitness enthusiast. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

A lot of powerlifting programs incorporate these exercises. Not only are these exercises great for growing the glutes, BUT they’re also great for activating these muscles. It is necessary to note that activating key muscles prior to powerlifting lifts is very important. Imbalances occur while doing squats and deadlifts if these muscles do not activate or “fire” when they’re supposed to. As a result, there’s a higher likelihood of injury.

Did you know that some muscles may ‘fall asleep’ or become lazy if they are not activated every so often? And once they’re “lazy”, it takes more effort to get them working.

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