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How To Make Your Waist Smaller | ABS HIIT Workout

waist smaller

Most of us want a smaller waist. Heck, it’s splashed all over social media with the crop top trend. And now that summer is just around the corner, crop top season is too!

How to make your waist smaller without losing inches in your glutes?

I’ll show you how with the proper diet and exercise.

Change Your Diet

Getting a smaller waist will not occur with exercise alone. Diet is key! You must adhere to a healthy diet or #whole30approved! In addition, you must be in a caloric deficit. In order to lose 1 pound, you need to reduce your caloric intake by 3500 calories a week. The optimal healthy weight loss is 1 pound a week. In my opinion, the slower the better in order to be able to maintain the weight loss and not reck your metabolism.

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Kick off the day with a healthy, balanced breakfast. It kick starts your metabolism so that you burn more calories in a day. It also stops you from becoming so hungry that you require bigger meals in order to feel satiated. Having breakfast tends to make me not snack as much throughout the day. And remember, everything you eat adds calories to your total daily caloric intake. Try eating protein rich foods at every meal. Also include whole grains, leafy greens and high-vitamin / antioxidant fruits.

2. Eat Throughout The Day

Having smaller meals and more frequently will keep you full throughout the day. Thereby lessening the tendency of having a snack. Also, as mentioned above, when you starve yourself you tend to eat much more at each meal. By eating smaller meals more frequently, it stimulates your metabolism which then allows your body to burn more calories throughout the day.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Healthy Fats

Every cell in our body requires some fat. Healthy fats are essential to support metabolism, build cell membrane, hormone production and the absorption of many nutrients. Good fats are mainly derived from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fish. They differ from saturated fats by having fewer hydrogen atoms bonded to their carbon chains. Healthy fats are liquid at room temperature (not solid). They are monounsaturated (ie. nuts, avocados, olives) and polyunsaturated (ie. omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids) fats. As a rule of thumb, 25-35% of your daily caloric intake should come from healthy fats.

4. More Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods are essential for any and all diet plans. They will help you stay fuller for longer. Also, they will help minimize bloating and normalize bowel movements. They also tend to be lower in calories and higher in volume (less calories and fuller = win win). Try to incorporate both soluble and insoluble fibers such as oats, peas, legumes, apples, carrots, nuts and green leafy veggies.

5. Avoid Processed Foods

I’m sure you already know this one. If you continue to have processed foods, it doesn’t matter how much exercise you do and how well you manage portion control of your meals. You will impair your weight loss. This is because processed foods typically have higher sugar, higher starch content and higher sodium.

Exercise Routine

1. Commit To An Exercise Plan

You need to commit to a regular exercise routine and be consistent with it in order to trim your waistline. In order to stay consistent, start off at a reasonable level so that you won’t burn yourself out after a few weeks. Gradually increase the intensity each week or every other week. Also, try to exercise 3-4 times per week. Keep a log of your workout plan and your progress. Review your log on a regular basis; it will help keep you motivated by seeing the results.

2. Make Sure You’re Hitting The Right Core Muscles

For example, the oblique muscles are the muscles on the side of your stomach. By strengthening these muscles (basically building these muscles) you’re increasing it’s size and, as such, making your waist wider. Try the below workout which I’ve put together. And the best part, you can do it at home since there’s no equipment needed!

waist smaller


waist smaller

3. Do Chest & Back Exercises

By emphasizing your back and chest, it will give the illusion of a smaller waist. Do exercises that target your lats such as lat pull downs, bent over dumbbell rows, pull ups, etc. Also for the chest, you can do pushups, bench press, etc.

4. Cardio

In addition to the ab specific workouts, be sure to include some form of cardio. Since your goal is to lean out and lose weight in your waist, follow the above training in addition to including cardio sessions. Your body will be more likely to use fat as its first fuel source during cardio. So go outside for a run or ride your bike; you can even jump rope which improves cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Getting quality sleep is an important part of weight loss. Studies have shown that poor sleep has been linked to weight gain and higher body mass index (BMI). Also, if you are sleep deprived, you’re more likely to have an increased appetite and have more cravings. This is me! This is caused by the impact of sleep on two important hunger hormones, ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is a hormone released in the stomach that signals hunger in the brain. Ghrelin levels are high before you eat, which is when the stomach is empty, and low after you eat. And leptin is a hormone released from fat cells which suppresses hunger and sends a signal to your brain telling it that you’re full.


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