The Best Diet To Reduce Inflammation

    I’m not sure what’s going on with my body or what exactly it’s trying to tell me. But I’ve been dealing with symptoms of acute inflammation for the past year to two years and I think it’s time that I specifically look at reducing inflammation.

    I’ve been battling with eczema in several different parts of my body for almost 2 years. I have separate blog posts on this, so I won’t go into details here. Read all about my journey and how I’m on the road to curing my eczema here.

    Also, about 8 weeks ago, I had gum surgery. This has been something that was of concern by my dentist and which we have been monitoring for years. Since it kept receding, I had to undergo gum grafting surgery. The good news, I’ve recovered from it. The bad news, I have other tooth that requires the surgery. However, I can put it off for the time being but will eventually need to get it done.

    Just last week, I had sinus surgery. (2018 is definitely my year!) A polyp was found in my nasal passage. It was found during a routine dental x-ray. The symptom which I had and which I didn’t know was related to the polyp was thick, green mucous-y nasal discharge. It came and went like a tropical vacation – meaning I’d have the discharge for a few days every couple of months.

    All of this has made me think about my overall health. Although I exercise regularly and eat fairly healthy (just regular “cheat meals” once or twice a week), I believe that my body is just unable to fight the inflammation like a normal individual. Furthermore, for years (in the past), micronutrients (esp. dark leafy veggies and berries/fruits) were missing from my diet.

    In contrast, inflammation is crucial to our body’s healing process. The human body uses inflammation to help fight illness and also protect areas from further harm. It is also a part of the body’s response to infection and tissue damage. However, on the other spectrum, chronic inflammation can lead to a number of diseases.

    Certain foods are said to be anti-inflammatory. Unfortunately, it is not clear that they can actually reduce the kind of inflammation that is associated with chronic diseases, or that such reductions actually prevent or improve the clinical course of those diseases.

    However, I’m still going to test it out myself and start a 30 days anti-inflammatory diet. I will consume as much anti-inflammatory foods (ie. whole foods and nutrient dense foods – listed below) daily, as well as removing sugary (donuts, cakes, pastries) and refined foods (pizzas & burgers) from my diet.

    reduce inflammation

    List of Anti-Inflammatory Foods

    1. Dark Leafy Greens & Other Veggies (ie. broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, etc)
    2. Berries (ie. strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.) & Other Fruits
    3. Beans & Lentils
    4. Avocado & Coconut
    5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    6. Nuts
    7. Fish (ie. cod & salmon – cuz I don’t enjoy fish, but these I’m ok with)
    8. Turmeric, Ginger & Cinnamon
    9. Flax Seeds
    10. Chia Seeds
    11. Hemp Hearts
    12. Coconut Oil

    List of Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

    1. Refined Sugar
    2. Fried Foods
    3. Refined Flour (eeeek, that means pizza)
    4. Processed Foods (ie. chips, store bought cookies, candy, ice cream)
    5. Processed Meats (ie. cold cuts)
    6. Fast Food
    7. Dairy
    8. Saturated Fats (ie. vegetable oil, butter -burgers!)
    9. Foods with Artificial Sweeteners and Addictives
    10. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

    The saying “You are what you eat” may hold true, however stress is also a prime driver of chronic inflammation. Therefore, in addition to having a diet consisting of whole foods, I will also try to learn how to meditate. My brain does not shut off and meditation might just be the cure of it all.

    What are some of your tips for reducing inflammation?

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